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Lavelle Velez, Organic Esthetics

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Check back often as I build my LOVE section ... bringing you pictures I love, people I love, ideas, and quotes I love!

Roman baths

Places I love

I love to travel! And I have been blessed to be able to spend meaningful time in some amazing places, with some incredible people. 

I'd love to hear about your travels, especially if among nature, or involving any aspect of holistic health - including meditation and yoga!

I'd love to celebrate you ... (and get some ideas!). 

Be encouraged to send me your thoughts on any of my social media!

Social love

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Business friends I love

Alize Jireh - Photography and Videography

Kristi Jalove - Graphic Design, Brand Development, Marketing

Point Reyes Yoga - Yoga Teacher Training

Sonya Taylor Yoga - Meditation Teacher Training

Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Institute for Integrative Nutrition 

Do you have a passion for health and wellness? Check out the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (my alma mater) to learn how you can turn that passion into a career and join a community creating a global ripple effect of health and happiness!

Check out a free Sample Class here.

Lavelle Vellez Rose Gold Goddesses

Sahara Rose Ketabi

Check out Sahara Rose Ketabi - a fellow Ayurveda Gal (and mentor!), who attended my alma mater, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, - multiple book writer (with forwards from Deepak Chopra), and creator / host of the Highest Self Podcast. If you fall in love with Sahara Rose, as I have been for years, and choose to join her online sisterhood collective, Rose Gold Goddesses - please be aware there is a little incentive for me to share. She calls it a 'Lakshmi Blessing'. Note - I would recommend her, and RGG anyway.

If so - kindly use this code (click here) ... I appreciate it.

Lavelle Vellez Aspiration Financial
Lavelle Vellez stash

Aspiration Financial 

Check out this incredible financial institution, Aspiration Financial. They are a Certified B Corporation, Carbon Neutral, and an overall do-good company. Also, it invests in companies that actively participate in ethnic diversity, gender diversity, better ethics and addresses climate change.

Get $50 for opening a new account.

Use my referral code by clicking here:


Get Stash, an app that makes investing in the stock market easy.

And you can choose your preferences easily, also!

If you sign up with my link, and add cash, - we both get $20 of bonus stock. Cha-ching! Lakshmi Blessings!

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