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Stay Organically Gorgeous at home!

How you can be (even more!) Organically Gorgeous, while staying secure and comfortable at home ...

Virtual Consultation Suggestions

• Virtual Phone & Photo Consultation

Text or email your photos (as many as needed, in good lighting, sans make-up if applicable, please) of a skin, holistic wellness, food / supplement, product ingredient (and more) question or concern. And I will provide you with a text or phone call response. This may include a product suggestion (if applicable - maybe what you already have at home in your bathroom or kitchen will suffice!). My education and life experience as a Holistic Esthetician & Educator, Integrative Nutritionist & Holistic Health Practitioner, Reiki and Ayurveda gal, and Yoga & Meditation Instructor will all be considered.

$25 per 15 minute session (& +$25 for each additional 15 minutes)

• Virtual Video Consultation

I can provide video consultations on a variety of topics - bringing my years of expertise right into your home! See the list for some ideas.

$50 per 30 minute session (& +$25 for each additional 15 minutes)

• Virtual "Gorgeously Green & Clean" Make-Over

Bathroom (think: what you put *on* your face, body, hair & mouth : skin care & cosmetics ... & cleaning products etc.)

&/or Kitchen (think: what you put *in* your body : food, drink, supplements ... & cleaning products etc.)

$50 per 30 minute session (& +$25 each additional 15 minutes) (typically 1-2 hours per room)

I offer this service in person also, and do the organizing with / for you.

• Virtual "Gorgeously Green & Clean" Tour

Skin Care / Cosmetic &/or Grocery / Household Shopping Tours

$50 per 30 minute session (& +$25 each additional 15 minutes) (typically 1-2 hours per store)

I offer this service in person also, and do the shopping with you.

• Virtual Yoga and/or Meditation Instruction

I can provide virtual instruction of Yoga &/or Meditation, - live, with a video recording available after (in most cases), for 7 days. Allow my Yoga Alliance certified training to meet you privately and comfortably in your home, - no driving, or masks, or social distancing needed. 

$50 per 30 minute session (& +$25 each additional 15 minutes)

• Buy Gift Certificates

Purchase Gift Certificates for spa, mobile, or virtual appointments, for yourself, or as a gift to another!

• Shop from Home

Green Envee products are always available online and also in my spa in Lincolnshire. You can also order Neal's Yard Remdies which will be shipped directly to your door, from the Neal's Yard Remedies farm and factory, in England, ... via the domestic NYR headquarters in Boston. No shuffling or sitting around with third party sellers or their warehouses. 

  • Skin Analysis & Consultation

  • At Home Self Facials, Skin Care, Massage and more

  • Aromatherapy / easy Essential Oils for Humans and Home

  • How to Build Immunity with Holistic Health

  • Whole Foods (Vegan - Vegetarian) for Health and Beauty

  • Smoothies for Health and Beauty

  • How to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

  • How to Improve Flexibility: Physically and Emotionally

  • How to Improve Sleep

  • Holistic Health, Beauty & Love Lifestyle Counseling


Private, Small Group, or Class Instruction / Demo Available - *Please Inquire*

$50 per 30 minute session – Additional Person & /or Product Fee may be assessed, if applicable


*All of these Virtual Holistic Lifestyle Services include time for Education, Demonstration, Label and Ingredient Reading Assistance, Q&A's and lots of Laughter and Love. :-)

Earn a free Virtual Skin Analysis & Consultation!

Purchase $100+ of products from my Neal's Yard Remedies site, and I will gift you a gratis 45 minute Virtual Skin Analysis & Consultation, - including best product usage, beauty tips, holistic health & wellness suggestions, or whatever you have specific concerns about!

Lavelle Velez
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